About Us

Lil’ Pantry has been a tradition in the Rogue Valley since 1980’s. It has a reputation as a local corner market with a friendly, down-home atmosphere where they know your name and greet you with a smile everyday! The expansion of Lil’ Pantry Markets began when Dale Hurst, owner of Fruitdale Market located in Grants Pass, OR bought the Lil’ Pantry Market in Merlin, OR in 2006. In 2009, Fruitdale Market in Grants Pass, OR was torn down and rebuilt as LIL PANTRY GRANTS PASS/SHELL GAS due to ODOT taking 70% of the old markets parking as it too was transformed into the Lil Pantry family. Today, it proudly offers the same exceptional deli/sandwiches it has offered for 30+ years as well as that same Lil’ Pantry experience that keeps our customers coming back again and again.

Grants Pass


Central Point

White City


Soon after Dale wanted to offer the same exceptional service to the folks in Jackson county so he purchased Four Corner’s Market in Central Point, OR in 2009 and began transforming the store into the remarkable market it has become today- Lil’ Pantry Central Point. In 2011 the- Lil’ Pantry was proud to introduce a new member of our family- Lil’ Pantry White City. Since Lil’ Pantry White City opened we have seen a spectacular growth of support from the community and are very excited to see what the future holds. We at Lil’ Pantry want to invite you to visit us at any of the markets in Merlin, Grants Pass, Central Point or White City so that we can deliver the same great exceptional customer service to you and your family so that you can become a part of ours.